Straighter Teeth

Its never too late to correct crooked teeth, spaces or teeth that stick out. These can all decrease your self confidence. You can choose from the latest orthodontic techniques.


Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teeth. As you replace each aligner every two weeks, your teeth will move – little by little, week by week, gradually moving towards the projected final position. They can be removed for eating and brushing.

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is a cutting edge procedure which can straighten front teeth in a fraction of the time of conventional orthodontics. The Inman Aligner is a removable appliance that provides continual gentle pressure which quickly aligns crowded front teeth. The initial treatment can be completed in 8-12 weeks. As it is removable it can also be removed for eating and brushing.

Cfast fixed brace

Patients worried about the stigma attached to wearing metal fixed braces during adulthood can now benefit from aesthetic white coloured braces. Cfast reduces treatment time to around 6 months by concentrating only on straightening teeth that are visible when smiling. It uses clear brackets and tooth coloured wires to provide a more aesthetically pleasing method of moving teeth.